Multifamily Architectural Design Coordinator

The position of Architectural Design Coordinator offers the successful candidate an opportunity to join a Houston based well-capitalized, start-up, multi-family apartment development company (the “Company”) that has been formed by individuals who are well known for their success in the industry. The new company will be affiliated with a Houston-based well established, long-standing, multi-billion dollar commercial real estate development firm and managed by individuals who are experienced and respected in the industry.

The primary role of the Architectural Design Coordinator will be to manage and oversee the daily operations of the design process and ensure the structural integrity of new multi-family apartment projects to be built. Responsibilities of the Architectural Design Coordinator will include the following:

  • Create preliminary site and development layout schemes.
  • Participate heavily in a creative process with the Company team which will lead to establishing size, look, feel, density, amenities, building types, unit
  • plans, etc for each development project.
  • Participate in providing solutions to the many development issues such as site entitlement, site suitability, survey and title, utilities, and restrictions.
  • Interact as needed with political jurisdictions, their officials, and staff.
  • Interact as needed with the Company’s attorneys, engineers, GCs, and other professionals involved in the development.
  • Closely coordinate and collaborate with the other internal staff architects and engineers, and development executives.
  • Lead the internal process for the initial design of new projects.
  • Oversee and coordinate the interaction between the internal design process and the preparation by outside architectural and engineering firms of working drawings, plans and specifications.
  • Manage and coordinate interactions between Land Development, Construction Management (GC), and outside architectural and engineering firms to ensure the successful completion of construction projects on time, within budget, to the Company’s standards of quality, and in compliance with plans, specifications and all regulatory agencies.
  • Coordinate the design and construction process to ensure projects comply with all zoning, building code, permitting, environmental and any other agency or government requirements.
  • Oversee the inspection process for construction loan purposes to insure the timely funding of construction draws.
  • Have a firm understanding of the permitting process for new projects and be able to marshal projects through this process including the ability to resolve issues with various agencies which may have jurisdiction over the project.
  • Oversee and coordinate the Certificate of Occupancy process to ensure timely completion of projects.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in Architecture
  • State Licensed
  • AIA preferred
  • 5 years of relevant Architectural multifamily design in public client practice
  • Proficient in all applicable Architectural design software
  • Very good interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Be a team player, friendly, energetic, and self-motivated

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