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COVID-19 Signage Guidelines

NewQuest Properties is temporarily relaxing some exterior signage guidelines to aid our tenants during this challenging time.

Businesses designated as essential and still open may qualify for additional temporary signage measures not normally allowed within NewQuest centers:

  • Banners or signage notifying the public the tenant is open for business or still operating under reduced capacity may be considered for an initial period of thirty (30) days. This messaging may include variations of: We Are Open, Open For Delivery, Open For Take-Out, Open For Curb-Side Pick-Up, etc.
  • Banners or signage will be allowed for an initial period of thirty (30) days. Should the situation warrant an extension, please contact the Signage Department to request additional time.
  • Banners or signage must be professionally prepared and installed to cause minimal impact to the building. The tenant is financially responsible for any damage incurred to the building as a result of the banner or signage install/removal.
  • Banners must remain neat, taut and properly secured at all times.
  • Email for all signage requests prior to fabrication/installation. Requests should include tenant name, name of the shopping center, proposed banner or signage artwork (with dimensions), and a photo of the storefront with proposed placement of the banner or signage.
  • Email with any other signage requests or questions.

Have an idea on how we can work together to help your business remain successful during this challenging time? Please submit your thoughts to our Signage Department.