The Future is Bright

Hopes, needs, and dreams ultimately need a place to live. A place where that special dress is bought, a place where friends reunite and share a meal, a place where special ingredients are found for a holiday feast.

 At NewQuest, we find and create these places. Join us.


NewQuest is a team of passionate commercial real estate professionals serving Texas and the surrounding region. Proudly leveraging our 20+ years of experience, we go out of our way to give our employees everything they need to capitalize on their unique talents. We are currently looking for our next team members to join us in these positions.

Ready To Grow With Confidence?

Our commitment to a long-term relationship with our team members inspires us to be different. And that’s why so many of our employees stay with us for so many years. They trust NewQuest to support them in their career growth, to help them achieve their goals, and to be the partner that will help them grow with confidence.


More Than Just ‘A Job’

At NewQuest, we are passionate about creating better communities through exceptional property development and management. Our commercial real estate projects are more than just places to live, work, or shop-they are vibrant hubs of activity that bring people together and make positive impact on the local area.