Brazos Town Center recognized for dimension, loved for its style

January 7, 2013

An online organization that highlights interesting topics by publishing story maps, has put the spotlight on Rosenberg’s Brazos Town Center. Earlier this month, Esri Story Maps released its map that listed the nation’s top 50 biggest malls, one of which was Rosenberg’s very own Brazos Town Center.

Of the malls listed, Brazos Town Center ranked 30th, tied with the CityScape mall in Phoenix, Ariz., and Jordan Landing Shopping Center, in West Jordan, Utah. This is exciting,” said Matt Fielder, Rosenberg’s economic development director. “This says that Brazos Town Center is not just a local shopping center. It’s a regional attraction that is pulling people to Rosenberg.”

Brazos Town Center, which opened its first section in 2006, is about 1.8 million square feet — that includes Brazos Town Center I and II — and features 120 tenants that range from clothing stores and restaurants to orthodontists and car care facilities. Brazos Town Center is an important part of our community,” Fielder said. “About one-third of our sales tax comes from there around Christmas.”

Rosenberg Mayor Vincent Morales said since it opened, Brazos Town Center has been a positive force in the city. Brazos Town Center is a key economic driver for the City of Rosenberg, creating and sustaining hundreds of jobs, generating immense sales tax revenue and adding significant value to the tax rolls,” Morales said. It provides amenities to our residents by supplying services that complement existing business offerings, and helping to provide residents with whatever they might need close at hand, which aids in keeping more of our dollars in our local economy,” he added. “It is also a draw for the region and has helped put Rosenberg on the map since the development began in 2006.”

NewQuest Properties, the developer of Brazos Town Center, also said it’s pleased to see one of its properties make the list. We’re thrilled we made the list because Brazos Town Center is one of our larger projects,” said Shannon Parker, marketing director for NewQuest Properties. But the shopping center’s size isn’t the only notable aspect worth mentioning, Parker said.

Brazos Town Center is the type of mall referred to as a lifestyle center, or an “open-air mall,” that incorporates retail with nearly 620 high-end multi-family homes and a medical/professional office park, which are interconnected with parks, a trail system, lakes and fountains. Essentially you can live, work and play in that area,” Parker said. And that’s the trend — building shopping centers that have everything you need in one location.

“I think the development is wonderful for the city. The City of Rosenberg has been fabulous getting the center to this point and in turn, Brazos Town Center provides exceptional shopping and entertaining experiences for the community.”

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