Find All Your Stocking Stuffers at Daiso Japan – Dallas

December 9, 2015

by Gabi De Le Rosa on December 9, 2015 in Lifestyle, Home, Dallas/Fort Worth

The stockings may be hung by the chimney, but are they filled with the cutest, funniest or most useful items? If you haven’t started shopping yet or are not sure what to buy, stop by Daiso Japan; I can almost guarantee you will find something for everyone on your list, and the best part is everything is priced under two dollars.

Daiso is the number one “100-yen” or dollar store in Japan with thousands of locations. In 2005, the store chain opened in Washington State, then California and now has set its sights on Texas. When it opened in August of this year more than 2,000 people withstood the Texas heat to shop at the store.

“Daiso had its best US opening in Dallas and the second best in the company which has more than 3,400 stores,” said Heather Nguyen, Development Director for New Quest, the company that helps Daiso Japan find retail space in the US. “Shopping at Daiso is a unique experience because they develop about 1,000 new products each month, so every time you shop it Dasios it’s like opening up a surprise – you never know what you will find.”

Walking into the store for the first time I was greeted by bright lights and colors. Tis’ the season, so you will see all of the Christmas items first; everything from wrapping paper and decorations to miniature trees and Santa hats are displayed. Passed that, you will find the cutest ceramic piggy banks and Japanese “good luck cats”/maneki-neko. There is an entire wall devoted to storage baskets and a whole section of mini-erasers shaped like animals, food and sushi. The crafting section is large and everything there is unique – perfect gifts for your crafty friends and family.

Getting excited? Wait until you see the home-goods area. Ceramic bowls, bento boxes, mugs, chopsticks with winsome designs and colors line the shelves. There are great lunch boxes and drinking cups for kids and even more items that you never even knew you needed such as bag sealers and steel soap. Looking for the perfect sponge? Daiso has rows and rows of sponges in every color and for every use imaginable.

Maybe you are looking for a gift for the glam girl in your life – don’t worry Daiso has got you covered there, too. Cosmetics, makeup brushes, facial masks and a rainbow of nail polishes are just the beginning. Don’t forget to browse the snack section with chocolate covered treats, candy and different varieties of Japanese potato chips.

Daiso Japan isn’t the kind of store you run in and out of. Plan to spend a little time browsing the aisles looking for the perfect gifts to round out your Christmas list. Dallas folks are the lucky ones who get to experience Daiso first, but don’t worry 50 more Texas stores are set to open in the next three years, so chances are one of those will be near you.

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