The Leader focuses on the potential ‘restaurant row’ in the Ella corridor

December 19, 2014

While no one is calling Ella Boulevard north of 610 ‘restaurant row’ just yet, but with the news of Gatlin’s BBQ’s move from to the new center at 3510 Ella Blvd., and the anticipated opening of the Berry Hill at Ella and 43rd Street by mid-January, the area has been abuzz with anticipation.

NewQuest Properties leasing agent Danny McCormack, and St. Pius graduate, said he knows that area residents are excited about Gatlin’s because he has been getting calls from them. McCormack said that he had been talking with them since last August but the deal was just finalized last week.

“They liked the location, the new construction, and the lack of restaurants in the immediate area,” said McCormack, who noted that Gatlin’s signed a five year lease.The other half of the 8,500 square foot space is not officially spoken for yet. Although it’s not precluded from being a restaurant too, McCormack said that right now they are in talks with a retailer for the spot.

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