Cypress Professional Office Condos

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Cypress Professional Office Condos presents a tremendous opportunity for the professional to own their own office building, in a stunning development unlike anything seen before in Houston. Instead of leasing space with nothing to show for the expenditure of huge sums of money and the end of the lease term, ownership is the clear choice for any prudent professional.

In the continued path of growth, the project is located on the west side of Huffmeister, just south of Tuckerton in the heart of Cy-Fair, only a half a mile south of Hwy 290.

Tuckerton will be the main entry road into the center of three major housing developments in Stone Gate, Town Lake and Bridgeland, a new 11,400 acre development.

Size: 4,500 SF units

NWQ of Huffmeister Rd. and Copper Grove Blvd.
Available for Sale:
4,500 SF
Neal Thomson | 713.438.9513 |
Ori Batagower | 281.477.4307 |