Dollar General – OM

  • Visits: The location has an average of 51.8 K visits per week (, ‘23)
  • Competitors: This Dollar General constantly outperforms its nearest competitor, Family Dollar, in daily, weekly and monthly visits, indicating a potential out performance in sales (, ‘23)
  • Credit Tenant: Dollar General has over 1,700 stores in Texas alone, as well as over 19,000 nationwide
  • Chain Rank: This Dollar General ranks 2nd amongst all Dollar Generals within a 15-mile radius of the property (, ‘23)
1501 W. South Commerce St. Wills Point, TX 75169
Wills Point
Traffic Counts:

12,683 VPD on West Commerce Street


Marc Peeler | 281.477.4307 |
Davis Sheffield | 281.640.7688 |