Townwest Commons

NWQ of Highway 79 and County Road 119 Hutto, Texas
Type: Retail
Size: 10850 SF
Status: Lease
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Property Details
  • Located at the gateway of the rapid residential growth on the Northeast side of Austin, Texas
    Neighborhood-essential center - 2.3 million visits in the last 12 months | placer, ‘24
  • $17 billion dollar Samsung factory coming soon to Taylor to employ 2,000 people
    Texas temple college (57-acre Campus With ±1,500 Students) located just half-a-mile West of Townwest commons
    Over $1 billion in development within a 2-milerRadius | Austin Chamber, ’21
    2 new schools open: elementary and junior high
  • 51% of visitors visit Townwest commons at least
    20x per year | placer, ‘24
    Rapid retail & residential growth in Hutto - Austin’s fastest-growing Suburb - Austin Chamber, ’21
    52% job growth expected over the next 10 Years - Austin Chamber, ’21
  • Available:
    15k+ Sf of future retail: ideal for restaurants,
    Dessert/beverage concepts, salons, and medical
Traffic Counts
  • 37,238 VPD on US Hwy 79
  • 26,495 VPD on Chris Kelley Blvd
  • 19,298 VPD on Ed Schmidt Blvd