Comprehensive Services

At NewQuest, future-forward relationships thrive when vision is met with strategy, capability, and market understanding.

Across the spectrum, our team provides direction and expertise aimed at making your projects successful no matter where they are or what they need.


We help property owners sign the most qualified tenants at optimal rents. Tenants rely on us to help them secure terms and locations where their businesses can succeed.

We structure land deals in a way that benefits on all sides, and we manage turnkey commercial development from ground-up construction through tenant build-out.

At every turn, we help clients optimize their assets with full property and asset management services. Click on a service category to learn more, or find the resource you need using the searches below.

Brokerage Excellence Steeped in Trust

At the forefront of commercial real estate brokerage, our commitment extends beyond mere signposting and online listings. At NewQuest, we immerse ourselves in the entire spectrum of the real estate journey, from the preliminary evaluation and rigorous due diligence to the intricate processes of engineering and permitting.

Our proactive approach involves delving deep into our extensive network of brokers, mining valuable intelligence, and capitalizing on our abundant relationships with discerning buyers. This relentless effort allows us to unearth prime opportunities, matching properties seamlessly with eager parties poised for swift transactions.


Property Management

Invoicing and rent collection. Property maintenance. Tenant management. P&L preparation and distribution. Budgeting. Space planning and more.

A lot goes into expert management of commercial real estate. NewQuest is better equipped than anyone to manage commercial property in a way that prioritizes bottom-line profits, mitigates risk, and provides peace of mind.

Asset Management

From lease negotiations to improving net operating income, NewQuest adds value interfacing with property managers and provides accurate, timely investor updates.

Every stage of the deal cycle is given equal weight and importance. We derive insights from a vast array of information sources to help our clients make the best possible decisions for their assets.